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What To Expect From Professional Auto Detailing

UFO Detail is known for its top-rated detailing services in Jacksonville, but what is included and what can others expect from these professional detailing services? Like most auto detailers, UFO Detail has several different detailing packages that cater to all customers.


This package includes steam cleaning to the carpet areas and the removal of collected dirt, small debris, sand and even removal of stubborn pet hair (+$25). Steam cleaning of all interior surfaces such as the dash, doors and seats while deep cleaning those hard to reach areas like cupholders and air vents. Refreshing to either cloth or leather seats with the removal of dust and stains. Finally, leaving all plastic trims and vinyl with a soft shine that is not greasy, as well as UV Protection using only premium products. For full interior detailing, customers can expect to pay $125+ depending on vehicle size.


The Mini Detail Package is our most popular detailing package that consists of everything that is included in the Full Interior Package along with superior exterior detailing.

Once your vehicles interior is clean and spotless, with the mini detailing package, we offer a hard surface wipe down and apply a UV protection to all exterior plastics and rubber surfaces using only professional detailing products. Next comes a full exterior hand wash and spotless hand dry, never leaving any water spots or streaks. Also included is a tire scrub, shine and wheel cleaning, leaving your vehicles shoes shining. Final steps to our Mini Detail is to clean of all the vehicles glass and apply premium paint sealant to protect your vehicles paint. For full interior detailing, customers can expect to pay $150+ depending on vehicle size.


The Platinum Detail is one to really rave about. This package not only focuses on cleaning, but is designed to restore and protect your vehicle in many ways.

UFO Detail’s Platinum package consists of everything included in the two previous detailing packages along with an exterior clay bar treatment, which is very beneficial when needing to remove containments like over sprays, brake dust and industrial pollution from the surface of your vehicle. A deep cleaning and degreasing of the engine is also preformed, getting rid of that hard to remove engine dust. With the platinum package, the interior detailing is also taken a step further with shampoo and reconditioning to the vehicles seats and carpet. This process cleans and eliminates any odors that may be present. For full interior detailing, customers can expect to pay $250+ depending on vehicle size.

UFO detail also offers additional advanced auto detailing services such as Ceramic Coating, headlight restoration and ozone treatments.


Ceramic Coating, which includes compound & polish, is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle that prevents dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on the vehicles paint or vinyl wrap. Typical ceramic coating protects your vehicles paint or wrap for 2-5 years. Customers can expect to pay around $600+ for a professional ceramic coating.


Headlight restoration helps get rid of the yellow, sun damage to your headlights and restores them into crystal clear lenses with a sanding, buffing and sealing process. Customers can expect to pay around $60 for headlight restoration.


Ozone treatment services have become extremely popular for professional detailers over the past few years. These ozone treatments kill bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke and other fowl odors that may linger within your vehicle. Customers can expect to pay around $60 for Ozone treatments.

For a premium quality vehicle clean, there are countless reasons for hiring a professional detailer. Detailers have the tools, products and expertise to leave your vehicle spotless in record times. UFO detailing also offers fully mobile detailing services in Jacksonville, FL and is able to come to your location for services.

Contact us or visit us at: 4656 Collins Rd Unit 5, Jacksonville, FL 32244 for an “out of this world clean”.

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